2016 Cambodia Mission Trip

2016 Guadalajara / Chapala Mission Trip

2015 Cambodia Mission Trip

Food Bank Preparation

Sunday Night Dining Club!! come join us at 4PM in the fellowship hall every first Sunday of every month!

ARC 2014 Summer Retreat!

Guadalajara 2014 Missions

Mexicali 2014

Our Traditional Christmas Dinner!


ARC’s 2013 Annual Thanksgiving Dinner!


The annual EM (ARC) vs KM(DKPC) softball match! ARC is continuing our winning streak by gaining another victory! Better luck next time KM!

Welcoming our newcomers and guests of ARC with a big smile and a delicious meal! Remember our services are at 9:30 AM for first service and 11:00AM for second service! Hope to see you there!

Roots every Friday at 8:00PM! Roots is geared towards our fellow ARC collegians to help grow in faith and stay “rooted” in Christ. Come join us to have bible study and fellowship!


Happy Birthday Pastor Tony! (06/06/2013)

DKPC Bolivia 2013 Mission Team! Let’s keep them in our prayers!

Welcoming our fellow new high school graduates to the ARC family with some amazing food!

SBKSC 2013!

March Madness

If there is a picture you want, whether it is on here or not, you could request it be sent to you via email. Please contact contactarisereformed@gmail.com. Thank you!