Church life needs to be more than just entertainment and activities. Consistent and Spirit-filled teaching of the Gospel as found in Scripture is the only means to raising the next generation of God’s people. Families and teachers are in partnership to disciple these impressionable ones as they meet twice a week for worship and studies.

Children's Ministry leader is Jina Kim is supported by a team of staff who are committed to the Lord and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The weekly Lord’s Day worship services are centered around the Scriptures; singing songs that exalt God; confessing the Apostle’s Creed; communion with the Lord in prayer; and Christ-centered teaching. The Bible study is a time to engage young minds to learn and apply in their daily living.

AWANA Club is on Friday evenings (7:30 pm) and consists primarily on instruction and memorization of the Bible. In addition, the children enjoy fun games and snacks.


Adolescence is the period of life one searches for identity. God has drawn His people to Himself in Jesus Christ. Our youth must be “fed” sound doctrine that prepares them to serve the Lord in their studies and future careers and in the church. Meeting twice a week is how this growth happens as our young people are discipled in the faith.


Contemporary collegians face the challenge of secular humanism and post-modernism in most institutions of higher learning. Established and rooted in love, the next generation of servant-leaders meet weekly to grow in the Gospel of grace through in depth topical studies, prayer, fellowship and service to the church, community and the world.


Life Groups are a vital part of our ministry and as the title suggests; we are looking to do "life" together. A community to share our joys, struggles and the gospel with others. Our life groups meet every other week and focus on encouraging brothers and sisters in the Lord to be faithful in the home, school and workplace, through prayer and accountability.